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Hello, I’m Liviu!

As an Agile Trainer and Coach, I put my passion into helping others work better and efficiently every day.

Being the first Licensed Scrum Trainer in Central and Eastern Europe makes me responsible in delivering the correct message, as it was originally created and put into practice by Jeff Sutherland himself, co-creator of Scrum Framework.

My mission is to leave a positive impact to individuals’, teams’ and organizations’ way of doing things, by training and coaching them into working with Agile.

7 Things About Me

In facts and numbers

20 years of professional experience, with more than 10 years spent as a trainer, coach and consultant in Agile;

Complex business-rooted background, in fields such as product development, operations, security or management;

10+ countries I worked with so far: from Romania to Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Saudi Arabia, Canada, United States of America;

More than 2100+ trainees in 4100+ hours of training and coaching to Agile transformation;

Supported Agile and Scrum innovation in industries such as: IT, Automotive, Electronics, Healthcare, R&D, Financial Services, Education, Social Services and Government projects;

Having worked with companies from multiple industries and backgrounds: IBM, Intel, Microsoft, Dell, Honeywell, Toyota, Nokia, Vodafone, Zurich Insurance, Provident, US Air Force, Lockheed Martin, University of Arad, Athabasca University, John Deere and others;

Empowering individuals, teams, organizations (and their direct clients) in making a step further and developing business agility and valuable, meaningful, efficient work.

It's Time to Inspire...

When I’m not training and coaching people, I enjoy spending my time hiking and listening to the sounds of nature. I believe we become our best by finding better ways of doing our job, as well as using our talents to help others. Your success means I’ve done my job well, and this gives me tremendous joy and satisfaction.


Co-Organizer Agile Talks Timișoara Meetup


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