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I’m here to support you and your team in becoming better at what you do. Improving performance, becoming proactive in problem-solving and finding the most effective solutions. Through coaching, you get help in acknowledging all the tools you already have and learning how to use them wisely. I will be your mentor in identifying the key factors, focusing on what’s important at every stage of the process and improving leadership. 

And make

The best of it

Consulting means transferring the best practices throughout similar environments, in order to help companies face the challenges of today’s business area requirements. Learning how to and putting it to good use in different circumstances means becoming more skilled in solution-oriented problem-solving. 

Coaching and consulting

can help you improve

Agile Transformation and Scale

Gain business agility. Improve your internal agility for the benefit of your business and your customers.

Perform better: turn your usual management structure into Agile, whether it’s for one or more teams, or expand it throughout the entire company. 

Teams need guidance, reassurance and help to turn practice into actions. With the help of this coaching program, we show them how, unblocking everything that stands in the way of progress. During this training, we’ll identify roles, structure and techniques and help your team take action. 

Empowering teams

Solve issues creatively, improve collaboration and keep your team members happy and motivated.

This program helps teams develop productivity (whether we’re talking about a small team or the entire organization). 

We’ll be going through the following stages together: understanding what needs to change, what’s not working right, analyzing the current stage of development and coming up with solutions for your team, as well as for every member. As a coach, I will supervise the application of these solutions in real time and offer recurrent follow-ups, with the required involvement (onsite or remote, if needed).

Agile Leadership

Change is good, but it’s a process. Embrace your transformation from manager to leader.

This program helps senior management teams move along the stages of development. We help business leaders get aligned on goals, priorities and methods so that they can support the transformation program and help shift the culture of the organization. 

I’m offering one-on-one training and coaching for top managers, leading their path towards becoming reliable, powerful leaders through Agile.

Agile and Lean

Align production activity with business goals, while keeping the perfect balance between production, operational and maintenance requests. 

While Agile focuses on human productivity, happiness, flexibility and improvement, Lean helps analyze the environment and every external aspect in order to deliver a great product. It teaches us how to make the best of our resources, eliminate waste and simply become better. 

“Deliver the right products, done right” is this program’s motto, and for that we’ll adopt Scrum and Kanban procedures, and whatever helps.

Deliver twice the work in half the time.

Accelerating performance, getting results and defining the future!

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