Jira and Confluence in
Agile Development

Manage your project from inception to completion interlinking two applications at once.

Overview - Jira and Confluence in Agile Development

Using Jira and Confluence together teaches Agile teams how to efficiently manage project flow between the two applications. Via Confluence you will define product requirements and, without leaving the application, you will be able to create Jira epics, stories and issues and link them to product requirements. 

Whereas Jira is concerned, it will help you create dashboards to keep track of better organization of your team members. Everyone is supported in managing their work and keeping others informed on project progress, status and timeline. This course teaches you how to manage an Agile project (Kanban or Scrum) from inception to completion, using both Jira and Confluence. No previous Jira and Confluence experience is required in order for you to attend this course. Learn how to use Jira and Confluence in Agile Development, join my course and learn more! 

Why attend Jira and Confluence in Agile Development

Participate in an interactive, hands-on workshop

Create Projects, Boards, Teams, Workflows and many more using Jira and Confluence

Gain expertise from real-world case studies

Grasp the ability to practical problem-solving

- “Two management applications in one training. Learn how to benefit from both.” -

Who should attend

This course is aimed for:

Benefits / Learning outcomes

What Goes Around, Comes Around

Give back to the community

I strongly believe in helping people and I’d like to create a community which brings people together through mutual support. Which is why 10% of the available spots in all my Public Trainings are designated for disadvantaged and vulnerable people in the working environment who cannot afford training.

If you know someone that can benefit from the DevOps Culture Practitioner Certificate, send me her/his story and I will take care of the rest.


Sending more than 3 participants from your group to the Agile and Scrum Foundation Training? Let me know how many, and I will send you a customized payment plan just for you!

Deliver twice the work in half the time.

Accelerating performance, getting results and defining the future!

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