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Are you feeling stuck on your way?

Because of these difficult times, I would like to be the one encouraging and helping you get closer to your dreams and goals.

Do you feel Agile can help
you move forward?

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Why I created this opportunity?

My mission is to help people with their career growth and have better results, and because I consider that every person should have the possibility to access my programs, I have created alternative options for those in need who cannot support the standard payment.

For each attendee that choose the standard payment options, I offer the possibility for another person from the list above to join the course with alternative ways of paying.

If you are finding yourself in a delicate situation, YOU can access my programs with one of the following social activities in exchange or you can choose alternative ways for payment:

Choose your most appropriate method and register for your reservation

Step 1

Fill the form and tell us
your story

Step 2

After analyzing and confirming your story we will get you on the pre-reservation list

Step 3

As soon as a spot is opened for you at the desired course, we will let you know

Step 4

You attend the course,
and acquire the needed skills

Step 5

You are ready to
advance in your career

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    Extremely important:
    – If accepted to attend a course with an alternative way of payment, you MUST commit to keep your promise and participate as if you did a full payment.
    – Your stories will be published on social media and my website, without using your real name, in order to encourage others to participate or get involved so I can help as many people as possible.
    – I reserve my right to make it public any intention for committing a fraud or not keeping your promises!

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